October 13, 2008

On October 13th, 2008, poor Ross found out that Moira has been masquerading as "Nicole." Very miserable and highly frustrated he starts to discuss this in one of the chatrooms. People in the room laugh at him and tell him he's living in a fantasy world and to snap the hell out of it.

05:57:16 L: Mistress Sorrow sharing 16 files, has joined
05:57:59 L: Ross> hiya mistress hun
05:58:08 L: Mistress Sorrow> hey Ross
05:58:08 L: Ross> you know nicole is moira
05:58:11 L: Mistress Sorrow> hows you ?
05:58:15 L: Ross> i checked out her old ips
05:58:24 L: MiÖ has parted
05:58:24 L: Ross> im a bit messed up this morning
05:58:32 L: Mistress Sorrow> lol ...shes in as a 16 year old pain in the arse then
05:58:39 L: Mistress Sorrow> sorry to hear that
05:58:53 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
05:58:54 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
05:58:54 L: Ross> have you seen her in any rooms today?
05:59:09 L: Mistress Sorrow> no ,havent been looking though
05:59:09 L: Ross> i need to catch up with her and sort it out once and for all
05:59:22 L: Ross> has she been messing about with loads of guys?
05:59:40 L: Madrile˝o has parted
05:59:43 L: Mistress Sorrow> well ,cant really say .....but seems that way
05:59:45 L: Ross> ĽηicσℓeĽ
05:59:46 L: Ross> aw
05:59:59 L: Mistress Sorrow> youd best ask her
06:00:09 L: Ross> i cant believe how deceitful she is
06:00:28 L: Ross> ive been with her for 17 months and last time i saw her was 2 weeks ago
06:00:30 L: Mistress Sorrow> lol maybe she just LURVVS everyone
06:00:33 L: Ross> lol
06:00:41 L: Ross> shes a cheating bitch
06:00:44 L: Ross> ;(
06:00:48 L: Mistress Sorrow> ares is full of netsluts
06:00:55 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:00:55 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:01:05 L: ~Quadropheniac~> nicole? shes a fun laddyyyy
06:01:09 L: Ross> she acts so innocent
06:01:14 L: bi roleplay guy> anyone wanna roleplay p m me!!!
06:01:18 L: Ross> you know her quad?
06:01:24 L: ~Quadropheniac~> who doesent?
06:01:24 L: Mistress Sorrow> lol theres one of her .....friends
06:01:26 L: Ross> ĽηicσℓeĽ is moira
06:01:34 L: Mistress Sorrow> the original good time had by all
06:01:36 L: Ross> does she slut around mate?
06:01:43 L: ~Quadropheniac~> yep nicloe/moira same woman
06:01:51 L: Ross> woman?
06:01:53 L: Ross> shes 17
06:01:59 L: ~Quadropheniac~> girl woman/ whatever
06:02:02 L: Ross> lol
06:02:07 L: Ross> does she cyber?
06:02:18 L: Mistress Sorrow> if youve been with her for 18 months whats that make u Ross?
06:02:21 L: ~Quadropheniac~> dunno but your what?? 30
06:02:28 L: ~Quadropheniac~> shes 17?
06:02:34 L: Ross> yeah im just turned 30
06:02:40 L: Ross> the cow lied to me when we met
06:02:41 L: Mistress Sorrow> tells guys shes 16
06:02:41 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   Who speaks on Nicole?
06:02:44 L: Ross> told me she was 18
06:02:47 L: ~Quadropheniac~> you need to rethink your actions my friend
06:02:48 L: Mistress Sorrow> lmao
06:02:54 L: Ross> i speak on her
06:02:56 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:02:57 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:02:58 L: Ross> nicole is moira
06:03:01 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   why?
06:03:09 L: 24.M.Dubai sharing 119 files, has joined
06:03:10 L: Ross> shes meant to be my girlfriend
06:03:11 L: 123414 sharing 1 files, has joined
06:03:12 L: Mistress Sorrow> scroll up youll see why
06:03:20 L: ~Quadropheniac~> have you actually met her?
06:03:20 L: Ross> but i guess shes every fuckers gf
06:03:23 L: Ross> nope
06:03:23 L: Mistress Sorrow> you cyberfucked it too ?
06:03:54 L: ~Quadropheniac~> and shes your girlfreind? but youve never met her, shes 17, your 30?? wtf are you real?
06:04:18 * L: ~Quadropheniac~ shakes his head at some ppl
06:04:23 L: Ross> what?
06:04:26 L: 123414 has parted
06:04:37 L: Ross> i fell in love with her 17 months ago
06:04:46 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   Why are you angry them
06:04:47 L: Ross> fell in love with a cheating slut i guess
06:04:58 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:04:58 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:05:17 L: ~Quadropheniac~> you fell in love, with a person on the net, youve never met?? are you really 30
06:05:23 L: Ross> because she said see you tomorrow and that was 2 weeks ago and i havent seen her since, and now i find shes changed her name to nicole and has been cybering every bloke on ares
06:05:30 L: Mistress Sorrow> Ross ,the trick on here is ...have a bit of fun ....fall in love in real life
06:05:31 L: ~Quadropheniac~> i suggest you act your age
06:05:39 L: justin sharing 1 files, has joined
06:05:50 L: Mistress Sorrow> use the skanky wee tramps to get off
06:06:03 L: Ross> i was never in it for sex
06:06:14 L: Ross> if i wanted sex d go out and get a one night stand in real
06:06:17 L: ~Quadropheniac~> do you have learning difficulties?
06:06:21 L: Ross> cybering is boring
06:06:23 L: ~Quadropheniac~> im not being nasty
06:06:30 L: Ross> no i dont have learning difficulties
06:06:41 L: Ross> i used to talk to her everyday on skype
06:06:51 L: Ross> be with her the whole day everyday pretty much
06:06:57 L: ~Quadropheniac~> your 30, you fall in love  with someone youve never met, and you expect ppl to take it seriously?
06:06:59 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:06:59 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:07:03 L: basky has parted
06:07:08 L: ~Quadropheniac~> wow grow the fuck up , real quick
06:07:13 L: Ross> you wouldnt know until it happens to you
06:07:19 L: Mistress Sorrow> sorry need to get out more ...and avoid jailbait
06:07:25 L: Ross> plenty of people fall in love online
06:07:32 L: ~Quadropheniac~> bollox!!!!
06:07:38 L: Ross> shes 18 on october 28th
06:07:38 L: Mistress Sorrow> yeah social inadequates do
06:07:57 L: ~Quadropheniac~> im amazed at this guy
06:08:09 L: Ross> amazed?
06:08:31 L: Ross> i fell in love online what?
06:08:37 L: ~Quadropheniac~> yes, your 30 and your talking like some silly 14 yr old , ffs get real man
06:08:39 L: Ross> does that make me a total idiot?
06:08:44 L: Ross> shes not 14
06:08:45 L: hoshanlve sharing 3 files, has joined
06:08:48 L: ~Quadropheniac~> im afraid it does yeah
06:08:49 L: Ross> shes 17
06:09:00 L: Mistress Sorrow> I have an online "slave" but if he disappeared tomorrow Id chalk it up to experience and console myself with My real life fuck buddy
06:09:00 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:09:01 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:09:02 L: Ross> and when i first met her she lied to me and told me shes 18
06:09:06 L: ~Quadropheniac~> no i said your talking like a 14 YR old, read properly
06:09:13 L: javibcn has parted
06:09:16 L: Ross> oh sorry
06:09:30 L: ~Quadropheniac~> dont be sorry , but fuck its embarrassing
06:09:35 L: Ross> have you cybered her quad?
06:09:46 L: Mistress Sorrow> maybe Quads fussy
06:09:50 L: ~Quadropheniac~> cyber? are you fuckin mental
06:09:51 clutchy sharing 0 files, has joined
06:09:52 L: GĄSIOR[PL] sharing 0 files, has joined
06:09:56 L: aex sharing 1 files, has joined
06:10:04 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   maybe  she don't want you
06:10:04 L: Adriazt84 sharing 1398 files, has joined
06:10:12 L: Ross> well from what i hear shes cybering most of ares
06:10:18 clutchy has parted
06:10:19 L: Ross> yeah maybe she dont want me
06:10:20 L: puto charlie sharing 115 files, has joined
06:10:23 L: Adriazt84 has parted
06:10:23 L: Ross> its obvious she dont
06:10:31 L: puto charlie> sexxxxxxxx
06:10:41 L: Ross> ;(
06:10:42 L: ~Quadropheniac~> ross you really are making a complete twat of yourself, end it
06:10:52 L: ~Quadropheniac~> do some growing up , for your own sake
06:10:59 * L: Mistress Sorrow gives you Penicillin for cyberpox 
06:10:59 L: puto charlie> yor fuckin moder
06:11:07 L: puto charlie> your
06:11:17 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:11:17 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:11:29 L: Ross> lol
06:11:45 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   bla bla bla bla
06:11:53 L: puto charlie> comoooo'
06:11:58 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   ok
06:11:59 L: Mistress Sorrow> Ross ....shes a netwhore ,get over it
06:12:02 L: puto charlie> espa˝ol
06:12:05 L: Ross> ;(
06:12:18 L: puto charlie> tu necesitas 1 buen polbo
06:12:18 L: Ross> yeah a netwhore who i was stupid enough to trust and fall in love with
06:12:31 L: Mistress Sorrow> hope you learn from this then
06:12:34 L: puto charlie> roos lesvian
06:12:47 L: Mistress Sorrow> a look at a fanny on cam does not = love
06:12:49 L: Ross> puto im a man dickhead
06:12:51 L: kinky chloe sub sharing 28 files, has joined
06:12:59 L: Ross> i never seen her fanny on cam
06:13:02 L: milf has parted
06:13:07 L: puto charlie> haw old are you?
06:13:09 L: horny bi girl has parted
06:13:13 L: Ross> never seen anyones fanny on cam
06:13:19 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:13:19 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:13:20 L: Mistress Sorrow> one of the few who havent maybe
06:13:25 L: Ross> lol
06:13:31 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   who?
06:13:32 L: Ross> yeah your probably right
06:13:35 L: puto charlie> haw are you?
06:13:38 L: male35 has parted
06:13:55 L: puto charlie> rossssss
06:14:07 L: Ross> puto fuck off
06:14:10 L: Ross> :@
06:14:21 L: puto charlie> what?
06:14:27 L: .ili. .ili. .ili.    źĬ×   .ili. .ili. .ili.   by
06:14:44 L: puto charlie> you are english?
06:14:49 L: Ross> yes
06:15:03 L: milf sharing 86 files, has joined
06:15:04 L: puto charlie> whit city?
06:15:19 L: puto charlie> london?
06:15:20 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:15:20 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:15:42 L: puto charlie> rossss
06:16:05 L: puto charlie> capullo
06:16:05 L: hoshanlve has parted
06:16:20 L: kanotaje sharing 129 files, has joined
06:16:38 L: puto charlie> callate puto gay
06:17:09 L: puto charlie has parted
06:17:16 L: puto charlie sharing 115 files, has joined
06:17:20 L: NenitaDesnudita has parted
06:17:21 L: NenitaDesnudita sharing 92 files, has joined
06:17:44 L: puto charlie> yes chsk is the boss
06:17:52 L: puto charlie> and chy?
JeanneNapier has parted







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