00:54:23 plug:

00:54:23 will you stop?

00:54:49 MOIRA:

00:54:49 please leave the room

She doesn't wanna ban you but get you to leave because she told you to. She wants to see that you respect her wishes and of course wants you to stay around...

00:54:50 plug:

00:54:50 visit plug & Moira's room \\arlnk://F5fPZROCs4iuoc9Jm55ZDRbBjfwHHiwJ3d5vyKF4ujUklQyvfVEZLoVRsj3euFEA/+JzdU7K3uc= , I love MOIRA with all my heart and soul

00:55:08 plug:

00:55:08 no ive been here all the time

00:55:11 plug:

00:55:11 you leave

00:55:17 MOIRA:

00:55:17 :@

00:55:20 plug:

00:55:20 you treat me like shit

00:55:22 MOIRA:

00:55:22 are you kidding?


She completely discounts your claim that she treats you badly. Your claim is so ridiculous that you must be kidding.


00:55:28 plug:

00:55:28 how do you expect me to be?

00:55:48 plug:

00:55:48 grrr do you want me to send you the copy of our msn?


You can't believe she discounts it and suggest that maybe she has amnesia and needs to be reminded how she acts.


00:55:49 MOIRA:

00:55:49 leave the room please


She seems to have no patience or interest in your claim and just repeats her order for you to leave. Not listening to what you have to say is her most powerful weapon.


00:56:09 plug:

00:56:09 you dont give a shit aboput me

00:56:19 plug:

00:56:19 and you have other boyfriends

00:56:24 plug:

00:56:24 im not the only one

00:56:30 plug:

00:56:30 how did i fall for that?

00:56:35 plug:

00:56:35 magic?

00:56:40 MOIRA:

00:56:40 leave the room or learn how you talk to girls


At this point as you tell her how you feel she treats you, but she tells you that you don't know how to talk to girls. As if you generally have no respect for any girl, not just her--you are a bully.


00:56:40 plug:

00:56:40 how was he

00:56:51 plug:

00:56:51 how is bear?

00:56:56 plug:

00:56:56 and jerry?

00:57:24 plug:

00:57:24 you really showed me what your like

00:57:35 plug:

00:57:35 how heartless you can be

00:57:46 MOIRA:

00:57:46 plug

00:57:47 plug:

00:57:47 i hope you sleep well at night

00:57:49 MOIRA:

00:57:49 stop it


You tell her that she isn't true to her word--that she tells you that you are the only one but really she has others. She calls you "plug" and not Ross which is like you are another character in a chatroom. Impersonal in this case since she calls you Ross when she is friendly to you. She doesn't want to address what you say and just tells you to stop.


00:57:52 plug:

00:57:52 my name is ross

00:57:55 plug:

00:57:55 ROSS

00:57:56 MOIRA:

00:57:56 no

00:58:02 MOIRA:

00:58:02 you are plug

00:58:04 plug:

00:58:04 dont you know my name by now?

00:58:17 MOIRA:

00:58:17 leave me in peace


And of course she insists that you are "plug" and not "ross" distancing herself from you--you are just some stranger to her now... She doesn't even know your real name all of a sudden... She doesn't wanna bother with what you say, just repeatedly tells you to leave her "in peace" since apparently you are just nagging her--she isn't interested in how you feel--your anguish and pain.


00:58:21 plug:

00:58:21 you are cold cruel moira

00:58:37 plug:

00:58:37 and you are not faithfull at all

00:58:57 plug:

00:58:57 and you bullshit me about being jealous cos ive talked to sue and nat and betty?

00:59:03 plug:

00:59:03 jealous?

00:59:26 MOIRA:

00:59:26 plug

00:59:31 MOIRA:

00:59:31 do what you want

00:59:39 MOIRA:

00:59:39 its ok for me


You confront her yet again on the inconsistency of her attitude towards you. You tell her that she is cold and cruel since she doesn't seem to care that you are frustrated due to her fooling around with your emotions.


That for you she is the only one but for her you are just a "plug". You tell her that it's ridiculous she says she is jealous when she must know very well who you love and that she knows that sue, nat and betty are not the women you are in love with. She simply replies that she doesn't care who you talk with because it's ok with her now as you are just plug for her...


01:00:02 plug:

01:00:02 do what i want?

01:00:12 plug:

01:00:12 i dont want to be with a horrible girl like you

01:00:21 plug:

01:00:21 i need a girl who shows me love


This makes you angry since she says she really doesn't care.


01:00:26 MOIRA:

01:00:26 fine

01:00:28 MOIRA:

01:00:28 bye

01:00:35 plug:

01:00:35 i need a girl who doesnt go with other guys behind my back

01:00:46 plug:

01:00:46 a girl who knows how to love her man

01:01:02 plug:

01:01:02 a girl who doesnt bullshit me with 'im coming to lodnon'

01:01:02 MOIRA:

01:01:02 :@

01:01:08 MOIRA:

01:01:08 bye


She could try to defend herself or tell you she really meant it or that she is loyal to you but won't even bother... "Coming to london" lol...


01:01:10 plug:

01:01:10 coming to london are you?

01:01:18 plug:

01:01:18 well you aint coming to see me

01:01:21 plug:

01:01:21 thats for sure

01:01:33 plug:

01:01:33 hows andrew?

01:01:40 plug:

01:01:40 missing him?

01:01:53 plug:

01:01:53 you knew lover

01:01:56 plug:

01:01:56 new*

So while she tells you bye, she doesn't leave. She lets you keep talking and says bye a few times but keeps reading what you say.


When you say she has a new lover, she doesn't want you to think that because then you would really leave, so she suddenly answers you about that:

01:01:58 MOIRA:

01:01:58 didnt see him

01:02:15 MOIRA:

01:02:15 did you tell him i sent hugs to him?

01:02:25 MOIRA:

01:02:25 he is not my man

01:03:06 plug:

01:03:06 bullshit

01:03:10 MOIRA:

01:03:10 i had a man,but he was horrible so i have no more man


So now she finds it important to let you know that she has no interest in him but wants to know if you sent him her hugs, as if to show she is not worried that you would suspect anything. She also hints that you are her man but you are horrible to her so you are no longer her man. Additionally, note that she told you to send him her hugs to make you suspicious and jealous of him.


01:03:10 plug:

01:03:10 he is one of your men

01:03:12 MOIRA:

01:03:12 bye

01:03:18 MOIRA:

01:03:18 now leave the room

01:03:20 plug:

01:03:20 was horrible?

01:03:27 plug:

01:03:27 you are the horrible one

01:03:31 plug:

01:03:31 you are so cruel

01:03:40 plug:

01:03:40 you didnt have a man

01:03:48 plug:

01:03:48 you just made him think he was your man

01:03:58 plug:

01:03:58 like you do with all the others

01:04:01 MOIRA:

01:04:01 as you want and wish plug

01:04:04 plug:

01:04:04 andrew included

01:04:20 plug:

01:04:20 did you used to tell magic you love him?

01:04:30 plug:

01:04:30 do you tell andrew you love him?

01:04:40 MOIRA:

01:04:40 bye plug,think what you want



So you confront her and tell her that you know she has other "men" and that she tells them all the same things. So while she doesn't deny it she says "as you want and wish plug" as if that's what you wanna think, then you can think that... In other words, no I'm true to you and you are losing here... Essentially "plug you are talking nonesense."



01:04:48 plug:

01:04:48 oh i loved the 'i will miss you all so much' before you left

01:04:58 plug:

01:04:58 made me feel really fuckign special that did

01:05:14 plug:

01:05:14 you know how to make a man feel shitty

01:05:27 plug:

01:05:27 met any nice guys?

01:05:32 plug:

01:05:32 on your holidays

01:05:36 plug:

01:05:36 bet you have

01:05:41 plug:

01:05:41 not a thought for me

01:05:54 plug:

01:05:54 doc phoned you on your mobile?

01:06:04 plug:

01:06:04 or have you been phoning him?
01:06:34 MOIRA:

01:06:34 stop it


You tell her how hurt you feel when she becomes cool to you. But of course she has nothing to say to that. Just says stop it as if you are just unreasonable.


01:06:38 plug:

01:06:38 why do i waste my heart on you?

01:06:48 plug:

01:06:48 you just kick me in the face all the time

01:06:55 plug:

01:06:55 you dont appreciate me at all

01:07:06 plug:

01:07:06 most of the time im just shit to you

01:07:21 plug:

01:07:22 im your plaything like rendition said that time

01:07:36 plug:

01:07:36 and you love to play with my heart

01:09:09 plug:

01:09:09 what is the point in me loving someone as heartless and cold as you

01:09:28 plug:

01:09:28 and fuck, on top of that you have no intention of ever meeting me

01:09:33 plug:

01:09:33 im just your ares toy

You really tell her what's on your heart and how you feel. Nothing new that she hasn't heard before, and of course no response to that. You tell her that you feel like you are her toy.


01:09:48 MOIRA:

01:09:48 why did you say that in lovefull's?


She ignores all that and like she didn't even acknowledge anything you said till now, she is like surprised why you would be angry at all. Like whatever you said in lovefull's was out of the blue...


01:09:55 plug:

01:09:55 cos im angry with you

01:10:04 plug:

01:10:04 nat was so sad from you

01:10:17 plug:

01:10:17 and you bullshit her

01:10:19 MOIRA:

01:10:19 i tought it wasnt you


Well like why would she think that? It's not the first time you've said what you think about the way she treats you. She's seems to be saying you are not the person she knows--that she tends to think well of you otherwise. Like you are not yourself for some reason. Essentially discounting everything you are saying.


01:10:19 MOIRA:

01:10:19 :@

01:10:19 MOIRA:

01:10:19 bye plug

01:10:51 plug:

01:10:51 why cos im normally such a push over?

01:11:05 plug:

01:11:05 why was you so horrible to me?

01:11:15 plug:

01:11:15 ignoring me in msn the other day

01:11:26 MOIRA:

01:11:26 cause you are horrible to me always

01:11:37 plug:

01:11:37 liar]

01:11:46 plug:

01:11:46 god you lie bad sometimes

01:12:10 plug:

01:12:10 i am so good to you

01:12:11 MOIRA:

01:12:11 sorry?

01:12:20 plug:

01:12:20 and you throw it all back in my face

01:12:21 MOIRA:

01:12:21 so good?????????

So you tell her that she hurt you by ignoring you. Ignoring you is her way of causing you pain. So she says you are always horrible to her but doesn't say why. She is like shocked you say you are good to her...

01:12:24 plug:

01:12:24 yes

01:12:48 plug:

01:12:48 you dont appreciate it at all

01:12:55 plug:

01:12:55 its so wasted on you

01:13:18 plug:

01:13:18 to you im just a shit

01:13:24 plug:

01:13:24 im worthless

01:13:29 plug:

01:13:29 always so bad

01:13:34 plug:

01:13:34 always wrong

01:13:39 MOIRA:

01:13:39 yes


She says 'yes' to all that sarcastically like it's not true. But that's how she makes you feel.


01:13:44 plug:

01:13:44 see

01:14:02 plug:

01:14:02 why do i bother

01:14:11 plug:

01:14:11 you only play with me

01:14:23 plug:

01:14:23 sometimes you act like you love me

01:14:37 plug:

01:14:37 then a lot of the time im not good enough for you

01:15:09 plug:

01:15:09 fuck sake, you are always off talking to other guys

01:15:34 plug:

01:15:34 and you get angry with me cos i told you i talk to people you know i talk to

01:15:42 plug:

01:15:42 or pretend to be angry

01:15:52 MOIRA:

01:15:52 stop swearing


You tell her that she changes all the time and that she expects from you to be loyal to her but she isn't loyal to you. All she can say to that is for you to stop swearing, again ignoring your pain and anguish regarding her treatment of you.


01:15:56 plug:

01:15:56 just an excuse to egt away from me for a few days i reckon

01:16:00 plug:

01:16:00 get*

01:16:07 plug:

01:16:07 why?

01:16:09 plug:

01:16:09 you sear

01:16:22 plug:

01:16:22 you have really bad language sometimes

01:16:36 MOIRA:

01:16:36 :@

01:16:38 plug:

01:16:38 ℓσ√єυłł i swear i was so worried u didnt want to chat to me anymore

01:16:48 plug:

01:16:48 you didnt give a shit about nat

01:16:55 plug:

01:16:55 you just ignored her

01:17:00 plug:

01:17:00 shes done nothing

01:17:35 MOIRA:

01:17:35 stop it


She just says stop it but doesn't address what you said. You brought a great example (a quote from nat) of how nat was disturbed by the idea that moira would not talk with her anymore and she could explain something, but this is a one sided conversation--you are saying how you feel but she doesn't feel like explaining anything--like you are just being unreasonable. As we know moira's way of abusing is to pretend she won't talk anymore. Like the other person has "lost" her forever...


01:17:52 plug:

01:17:52 stop waht?

01:17:59 plug:

01:17:59 facing you with the truth?

01:18:07 plug:

01:18:07 wake up

01:18:15 plug:

01:18:15 these are real people

01:18:18 plug:

01:18:18 its not a game

01:21:22 plug:

01:21:22 you are not worthy of me

01:21:32 plug:

01:21:32 you do not deserve my love

01:21:44 plug:

01:21:44 you dont even love me

01:21:50 plug:

01:21:50 you pretend sometimes

01:21:58 plug:

01:21:58 'i love you a lil'

01:22:03 plug:

01:22:03 what crap

01:22:04 MOIRA:

01:22:04 i wont fight


You continue to tell her how you feel. You tell her that she is dealing with real poeple and real feelings that are hurt by the inconsistency of her attitude--like 'i love you a lil' after telling you she loves you more than anyone. She abuses you by giving you a lot of attention and love but then cutting back and making you feel she has lost interest.


01:22:07 plug:

01:22:07 then go

01:22:15 MOIRA:

01:22:15 you are so horrible


She continues with the same tactic. She says you are horrible as if you are just saying stuff that has no meaning--as if you are just trying to hurt her. Totally discounting your claims.


01:22:22 plug:

01:22:22 yeah you make me that way

01:22:36 plug:

01:22:37 your cruelness makes me horrible

01:22:45 MOIRA:

01:22:45 i see


She says 'i see' sarcastically again. Like "hmmm so i'm the reason you are horrible. yeah right" Wants to make you feel as if you are unreasonable, just insane.


01:22:47 plug:

01:22:47 im not like this

01:22:55 plug:

01:22:55 you make me this way

01:23:18 MOIRA:

01:23:18 ok


Yeah so ok, if that's what you think, fine...


01:23:20 plug:

01:23:20 like you give a fuck about me

01:23:26 MOIRA:

01:23:26 fine if you are happy then

Sarcastic again--'if it makes you happy to think this way, then great. Your problem not mine'

01:23:40 plug:

01:23:40 you actions say it all

01:23:52 plug:

01:23:52 your words dont really mean a lot at all

01:23:58 plug:

01:23:58 words are cheap

01:24:05 plug:

01:24:05 can be said so easily

01:24:17 plug:

01:24:18 like when you tell others you love them

01:24:37 plug:

01:24:37 and when you tell them that they are the most important to you

01:24:52 plug:

01:24:52 yes i know things moira

01:25:00 plug:

01:25:00 i know what you do

01:25:13 plug:

01:25:13 im really not stupid

01:25:26 plug:

01:25:26 i know you only play with me

01:25:29 MOIRA:

01:25:29 bye


So you continue telling her that you don't believe her words anymore since her actions don't refect her words. But she has nothing to say to that. Like everything you say is so ridiculous she won't even bother wasting any effort to argue with you. Just 'bye'.


01:25:32 plug:

01:25:32 bye

01:25:35 MOIRA:

01:25:35 you are bad

Again she lets you know that you are not making any sense. She says she thinks you are 'bad' because you are telling her how you feel about the way she treats you. She just doesn't want to take anything you say seriously.

01:25:36 plug:

01:25:36 go to hell

01:25:38 plug:

01:25:38 yeah

01:25:41 MOIRA:

01:25:41 you too

01:25:42 plug:

01:25:42 you are much worse

01:25:51 MOIRA:

01:25:51 you yuck


You are just frustrated with her at this point since nothing you say gets any logical or productive response. All she can say is "you yuck" kind of childish...


01:25:54 plug:

01:25:54 yeah

01:25:59 plug:

01:25:59 you are sick

01:26:06 MOIRA:

01:26:06 you more

You tell her she is sick and she tells you that you are sicker. But of course won't explain what she means. She isn't bothered at all.

01:26:09 plug:

01:26:09 you cannot be faithfull

01:26:16 MOIRA:

01:26:16 you too

01:26:20 plug:

01:26:20 doc, alejo


Simply whatever you say, she returns. Yeah you are not faithful to her either. Sure... lol. We know how dedicated you are to her.



This whole conversation is one-sided. You say how she makes you feel by her behavior and she doesn't try to defend herself in any way or explain anything. Just responds as if you are just delusional and everything you say is just complete nonesense, not even worth any sort of response... It's obvious she doesn't care about your emotional suffering and dissapointment with her treatment of you. She is very cold hearted.